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319 E Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436, USA
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Visitors say
Russ R.
star star star star star
3 July 2020

"Came in for lunch at 1:30. There were maybe 4 tables occupied. The host that seated us turned out to be the owner with a very pleasant attitude. He first looked at my dog, and noting she was vested and California registered as my service animal he never said a word except to say welcome to Old Town Kitchen, and then he seated us at a table right away, putting menus down in front of us.
Our server came right over to take our drink order, and wife ordered Ice tea while I pondered the beer selections. Not seeing anything that jumped out to me I ordered water with no ice or straw.
When he returned with drinks wife ordered the Pastrami sandwich, and I ordered the Pastrami Burger with no pickle due to my allergy.
We both commented on how pleasant the music and decor was, far better than the previous restaurant at this location. Food arrived within 10 minutes, and we first noted the fries were hand cut double fried, and they not only looked great but were delicious. Both sandwiches were very good.
When the server came to check on us I mentioned that the Pastrami Burger reminded me of the Bruben sandwich that used to be served in the now closed Irish Pub in Old Town Orcutt, and that I would enjoy it with a pint of Guinness. Unfortunately it isn't on tap here. He then said they had a porter that I may like. I saw it on the menu but it said it was a  peanut butter porter in the listing. Telling him I was not a fan of peanut butter, so he accepted that and left. 2 minutes later the owner came with a frozen glass with a taste of that porter, saying he just wanted me to be able to try it, explaining it said peanut butter on the listing but he didn't taste that ingredient. Taking a sip I agreed, absolutely agreed there was no peanut butter taste, so why did the brewery describe it that way I wondered, and all I could think was that it was maybe for those with peanut allergies. Regardless I told the owner I would order it on my next visit, and thanked him for the taste.
All in all both of us were very pleased with the experience, and since lunch was so good we asked for a paper dinner menu to take with us, this way we could plan another lunch or dinner visit in the near future.
We recommend giving Old Town Kitchen a try, we think you will agree this place is a keeper!"

Dustin C.
star star_border star_border star_border star_border
29 June 2020

"Food great. Service is worst I've ever had.
This place used to have amazing food. The last few times we have gone have been mediocre at best. Prepare yourself for overcook and underseasoned steaks.

For starters I don't appreciate being told to cut my food while you watch over me. I am not a toddler and I will tell you if I have an issue.

Strike 2, don't touch my kid without asking. I don't appreciate it. It takes 2 seconds to ask.

Don't blame me because you forgot something. Putting the blame on the customer because you forgot how to do your job is just rude.

After telling our waitress we would let her know is something was wrong she disappeared. It seemed like either she was hovering at our table or not paying attention at all. All I ask is give me a min to get things in order. Especially if I am trying to wrangle a toddler. We had to get up to ask for simple pepper.

The food quality has severely dimenished. A medium rare ribeye was medium/medium well in varying parts of the steak. A medium filet was almost well done. With grainy mashed potatoes that had little seasoning.

We will not be going back."

Autumn L.
star star star star star
23 June 2020

"I have been twice since they recently opened. Both times my food was amazing. My husband has now had their fillet mignon and a specialty mac'n'cheese. His fillet was amazing (I stole a few bites) and the mac was a gigantic portion and seasoned well. I had an asian seabass picatta which was TO DIE FOR and my second visit I had the roasted chicken and veggies and mashed potatoes. I have nothing bad to say about either visit. The chef Vilay is wonderful and I am so glad she is back in that building creating great food.

I had the mango beer once by itself and the second time tried with the tajin salt and both were great. My favorite appetizer here are the corn bites served with jalapeño ranch. I could eat two baskets of those myself. They serve Montemar wines which are my favorite local wine, the Syrah being my absolute fav.

I love this place and will be making it a routine place to have dinner. I love the friendly faces, owner interaction, and great atmosphere.

Regarding other reviewers and the choice of music; I actually liked the older vibe, but maybe to please others you can mix it up a bit?

For the most part, keep doing what you are doing!"

Ray V.
star star star star star
22 June 2020

"Thanks to Tony Magana, owner of Old Town Kitchen & Bar, Lompocians no longer have to drive 15+ miles for a decent steak dinner.  In fact, we can remain in our own town and enjoy, what I would argue, is one one best steaks on the Central Coast!! I know, that's a bold statement, but I believe they're that good.  
The menu is fantastic, the wild caught salmon is delicious as well. If you're in town, this place is a must.  Happy for Tony...and Lompoc!"

Chris R.
star star star star star
8 June 2020

"I had the opportunity to attend the pre-opening of this restaurant a few nights ago and I was blown away at how phenomenal their NY steak was here.

The cheesecake and chocolate mousse were also standouts and the montemar wine selection they had that night was fantastic, particularly the Pinot they were serving. Finally a top notch high end restaurant on this side of Lompoc!"